Small Business Owner, Father, Husband

My name is Frank Pierce. I am a North Carolina native who grew up in a working class family in Southeast Raleigh. As the oldest of 5 boys, I started working full-time at 12 years old to help my family make ends meet.

After graduating from high school, it took me a year of working 60 hours per week to raise enough money to go to college. I made the Dean’s List 3 times and graduated. I continued to run restaurants after graduation and in 2014, I started my own landscaping business. During the first year I tended bar 6 nights per week while I built up the business to where I could provide for my family.

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, with my wife Kristi, a public school teacher in the Wake County Public School System. We have three children who all attend Wake County Public Schools.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in General Studies from University of Mount Olive, in Mount Olive, NC. I am a small business owner

I have served the community as a volunteer and member of various community-focused organizations:
North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children
Holiday Firefighters Meal - Founded by Amy and I in 2023, we fed all 28 fire stations in Raleigh on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I serve as a volunteer coach for the City of Raleigh and the Wake Forest Parks and recreation Centers.